How much land do really you need ?



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As much as you can get your hands on! Ok that’s an easy answer but we can consider a whole lot when looking into buying land and how much you really need. Everyone has different needs , interests etc. that will have a great impact on what you should be looking at and what you shouldn’t. Let’s talk about specifics……

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Easy Cabin Rentals in NY !

A little public service for my friends out there who visit this blog. Even though I’m in the business of selling land I still speak with people all the time who are looking to rent a place up here to spend some free time and get familiar with the area. Well , there’s a new place to go where you can find a cabin to rent and it’s easy to do.

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Timber Rights & why they matter when buying land

We’ll start off the week with a loaded one but an important one. Over the years I’ve listened to a lot of people tell me about their efforts to buy land in NY and have run into a timber rights situation and don’t know what  it means or what to do. This is important , real important and you must know this before you ever sign a contract to buy land in New York or anywhere for that matter. This isn’t real complicated , but it’s expensive if you aren’t paying attention or if you’re dealing with a used car salesman who happens to be good at convincing you to do something you shouldn’t. So let’s cover it so mistakes aren’t made ……..

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Food Plots for deer and what works in upstate NY

As usual I’ve been pounding away at my food plots and trying some new stuff here and there. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different seeds and have experienced all kinds of results. Since I’m not being paid by anyone for my 2 cents I figured I’ll pass along some real world experiences without trying to sell you anything. Here we go ….

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Buying Deer Hunting Land in NY

This is one I could literally write all day about. Several years ago I went back and looked at info I had gathered from customers and those who contacted me that were interested in buying land. Somewhere around 85% were interested in buying land for deer hunting in NY , that’s 85% out of hundreds of people. I was surprised it wasn’t higher but still the number is significant. There could be a million different things to consider when you decide you’re going to do it so let’s go over what I consider to be the ones that matter more than the others.

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New York Land as an investment

Ok ,I’ve gotta be careful here because I’m not licensed to give anyone investment advice. When it comes to opinions however , I hold the highest license in the land ! Alright I’ll be serious because where you put your money is important and feeling safe about where it is keeps a person sane. I just want to point out the simplicity and benefits of land ownership when it comes to your investment. Let’s get at it ….

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Property values inside the Adirondack Park vs. outside the Park

Having spent years buying and selling land in and out of the Adirondack Park I’m sure I can give you a little insight about property values and stability of investment. For comparative purposes we’re looking at property outside of the Park being the Tug Hill area , St Lawrence River region etc. I’m not talking about the southern tier because there is no comparison between the 2.

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Deer Fly Patches product endorsement ! … this is serious

Sometimes when a product works so good I have to tell people about it. This is one of those instances and I’ll be brief , right to the point.

Any of you who spend time in the woods during the summer months have had to tolerate deer flies. They’re brutal . I look at them as Mother Nature’s drones that are loaded with hellfire missiles and ready to strike at any moment. They rarely miss. Several years ago my good buddy Mike Miller ( he works here ) gave me some of these deer fly patch things. I’m figuring this is a gimmick that will catch nothing but laughs. I was wrong , these things are the best invention since the TV.

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Buy land thru a broker or from a Land Co. ?

This is an easy one for me but most likely isn’t for the average person who wants to buy land in New York. Since I own a land company in NY and I’m a NYS licensed Real Estate Broker I can give you the view from both sides , believe me it matters. The differences in the buying experience are significant so let’s take a look ….

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