When I first started hunting turkeys many years ago I could not have known less , it would have been impossible. My knowledge extended as far as knowing when the season started/ended and what time of day I could hunt. So I began and hunted as hard as I could and learned a lot along the way. As always, I learned a lot of what people told me was nonsense. One example is about hunting turkeys in the rain. It didn’t take long before I figured out hunting in the rain was maybe the best time to hunt birds. I’ll explain.

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Have you heard this one? Many of you have and it makes you wonder where exactly this came from and what it’s based on. Having hunted several states during the last 40 years and doing a little research on the people making this claim I’m confident they could not be less educated/experienced. I’ll prove it here.

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5 reasons to NOT pass up bucks !

I doubt you’re reading/hearing anyone say you shouldn’t be passing up bucks these days, it’s time someone did. Having fallen into the trap of passing up countless bucks over the years and seeing exactly what it’s gotten me I had enough of it and I’ll tell you why. Too many these days are lead to believe they will see nothing but 10 pointers every year if they pass up bucks now, it’s a lie. If you’ve been doing it then you know what I mean, if you haven’t then keep reading and you’ll see why it isn’t what you’ve been lead to believe.

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The easiest food plot to grow for deer !

It isn’t very often a topic requires little thought and no research, this is one of them. Having planted for deer many times over the years I find there is one plant I always go back to no matter what. We all get distracted by the “latest and greatest” from time to time but usually end up right back where we started. I’m done being distracted and will always have the absolute easiest plant somewhere on my property and will end up spending more time around it than any others. I’ll tell ya why ….

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Is hunting land a good investment?

This topic could be argued any way and every way with all sides making good points. Still , we have to ask ourselves ” is this really a good place to spend my money?”. Having done this many times I can tell you there’s a lot to consider before you hand over your hard earned dollars. I’ve researched this topic and have yet to find an objective opinion about this and why you need to think twice before you write that check. It isn’t all Boone & Crockett bucks and picturesque food plots so buckle up. Continue reading

What to do when food plots fail

So it hasn’t happened to you ……… yet. If you’re a food plot farmer you’ve either experienced failure or you’re going to, no 2 ways about it. So what do we do? It’s not the end of the world and there’s ALWAYS something you can do to get something growing and not lose all before hunting season. I’ll give you some ideas many of us have used when we failed the 1st go around. Continue reading

Where do the bucks go during hunting season?


How many times have you and the boys asked yourselves this one? We all talk about it , we all experience it but we never seem to accept or understand why it happens. It’s a fact of hunting but we never seem to get an answer about why it happens. I’ll do my best to explain what I have seen and what I’ve done about it. Continue reading

Maverick Blinds review

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to do some product reviews here and there ,so here’s the 1st one. I decided to do a review on Maverick Blinds since I own a couple and the time of the year is right

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