5 Ways to Finance Land !

Ok so you’re ready to get serious and try to figure out how you’re going to buy some land. So what are the options you have to pay for it? There’s more than you think there are and they’re better options than you probably thought. Let’s get at it …

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Land in New York is affordable & safe investment

So how do I know this ? Simple , I’ve been buying and selling land for many years up here and if I haven’t lost money doing it there’s no way in hell you will ! It boils down to what do you want to do with your money and is buying land affordable enough to make it worth it ? Let’s discuss and see where it goes … Continue reading

Lots of NY Food Plot info on the way !

It’s certainly no secret many of you have a great interest in managing land ( hopefully YOUR land) and a thirst for food plot info. My uneducated, unsolicited experiences and opinions about plots will be available right here on a regular basis. I know , you can hardly contain your enthusiasm ! Continue reading

Appraisals on recreational land in New York

Over the years I think I’ve witnessed everything possible when it comes to appraising recreational type land. This isn’t anything like appraising commercial land that maybe a Walmart or Lowes is going to build on , that’s a whole different animal. When it comes to appraising recreational land the “rules” are few and far between. Let’s get to it … Continue reading

NY Northern Tier or Southern Tier for land buyers ?

Many of you know NY is commonly identified by either the Northern Tier or Southern Tier. These 2 distinct regions are as different as can be. So how does the NY land buyer decide where they will be looking for land ? There’s a lot to consider and it goes way beyond “how far is the drive”. I’m going to dive into this a little and stir the pot while I’m at it. Over the years I’ve had a ton of experience buying & selling land in both regions so I’ll share my opinions. Let’s get at it … Continue reading

Buying land off the grid vs. on the grid

Here’s a question that comes up about 100 times a week. When people ask about “off the grid” they’re always concerned about what is involved and what are the benefits. Many find that on the grid will suit them better but too many find out after they buy they made a mistake. There are benefits to both but it all depends on your plans , dreams and expectations of your land are. Let’s discuss them and find out what works for you. Continue reading

5 ways to avoid getting ripped off buying land

There’s more than 5 but I’m going to hit on these ones because I buy a lot of land and have seen these situations more than a few times. This especially applies to folks from out of town/out of state who travel up here to buy land. It’s much more difficult to cover all the bases without representation i.e. a Broker, lawyer etc. If you’re buying from my company , the Moose River Land Co. , you will not have to worry about any of this. If you’re out there on your own then you must know and avoid these 5. Continue reading

The #1 reason to buy recreational land

For me this is an easy one. I wasn’t even going to write today until I started adding more pictures on knowlandny. I look at all the pictures I have ( hundreds that aren’t on here ) and all I think about is FREEDOM ! Freedom from “everything” when I’m in the woods. There cannot be a situation in life that offers the kind of relaxation you can experience on your own land. Continue reading

The perfect piece of land does not exist

Who wants to hear that? No one , but someone has to say it so I’ll do it. When I write here I’m always referring to my experience in this business , mostly the thousands of people I’ve spoke with over the years. Couple that with the endless hours of searching for land to buy , the many deals I’ve bought over the years and all the sales and I can tell you the same situations arise all the time. I’ve learned a lot over the years and can promise when I write about this stuff it’s based on something and not a half assed  opinion. So here we go with this one.

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Recreational land prices today vs. yesterday

As a person who makes his living selling land I probably shouldn’t write what I’m about to write. But I brought this up so I’m going to tell the truth. Just for the sake of torturing myself I look back at the prices we were selling land for back in 2002 – 2008.  In Sept.2005 I was interviewed by a writer from the Watertown ( NY ) Times , the title of the article was ” Real estate boom hits St Lawrence County ” etc. The article was mostly about the fact I had sold over 75 parcels in St Lawrence County alone during the previous 2 years. St Lawrence County was one of those places I went to occasionally to buy land. Meaning I went there only when the market was really crankin’.  THAT’S how strong the market was back then. In that article I was quoted saying “it can’t continue the way it’s been” , unfortunately I was right.  Today is a different story and I would guess most of us know that. So where am I going with this? Hang in there , I do have a point. Continue reading