So after 1000’s of conversations with folks interested in buying land in upstate NY it finally dawned on me , where can people go to get info? I started looking around and realized there are virtually no blogs out there dedicated to helping people buy land in upstate NY. Sure I have a website with some info just like a few others , but no one has a place where people can discuss questions , ideas etc. so here we are. My goal is simply to offer a place for people who are interested in owning land in upstate NY to ask questions ,get answers and talk with others about experiences. We can and will do that here. Buying land can be a bit intimidating especially for folks who don’t live close by. I would guess that half of my customers are from Pennsylvania , a lot from Long Island and there’s no shortage of customers from Jersey and along the mid Atlantic. Picking up the phone isn’t always convenient , especially if you don’t want your wife to know what you’re up to ! Have no fear , we can discuss it all here. I’ll guess there’s about 1000 questions I could come up with off the top of my head that land buyers have asked over the years. No doubt you have those same questions , and I think I remember most of the answers. So while you’re thinking of questions I’ll be raising some of them and offering answers just to get the conversation started. My plan is to post new thoughts and recall experiences I’ve had with customers of mine , especially all those questions. Every now and then I won’t be able to help myself and I’ll start rambling about hunting/fishing experiences and people I meet along the way. Luckily these people are usually a lot more interesting than me ! My next post will be about some things everyone should know before they head out with plans of buying land in the Adirondacks or Tug Hill area. You may know a lot of it but we have to start somewhere. Please join in the conversation , ask me questions and share with your friends. Most important , sign up HERE and be on board with all things new going on here and with the Moose River Land Co.


Welcome to Knowlandny!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Knowlandny!

  1. Good idea!
    I think I first came across Moose River website almost 3 years ago, thinking it would be great to see if I could actually own some ADK land. But it was always out of financial reach. What kept me coming back from time to time was the entry to the free land giveaway, unfortunately I never got a call from Mick ;-(
    Now, I’m interested in reading how everyone else’s experience with land ownership and the real financial ins/outs up in ADK.

    • thanks for your comments! I’ve got a ton of stuff to write about and I’m gonna be getting at it tomorrow. Hang in there and don’t give up – one day you’ll own some dirt up here and the wait will be worth it. Keep coming back and keep writing. mj

  2. Same as DGLee… longtime email getter, but am kind of in limbo when it comes to the ownership part. Will continue following! Good Luck!

    • Good to hear from you Paul. The “ownership part” is one that usually takes some time to figure out. I sell land to people all the time who have been planning,saving,praying for yrs. Your day will come , keep in touch and I’ll do the same.

  3. Mick and team were great to work with, go ahead and pull the trigger! I built my little piece of paradise with his help…backyard to the wilderness, and 10 mins to a golf course. All on an ATV/Snowmobile trail, with wireless access to 4G technology. As close to paradise as I can get on earth…Thanks Mick.

    • Hey Mike , great to hear from you! Looks like winter has finally let go. Snow pretty much gone from my yard and I have most of my Spring cleanup done. Fishing soon and working in the woods , can’t wait. Keep in touch pal. Mick

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