Recreational land prices today vs. yesterday

As a person who makes his living selling land I probably shouldn’t write what I’m about to write. But I brought this up so I’m going to tell the truth. Just for the sake of torturing myself I look back at the prices we were selling land for back in 2002 – 2008.  In Sept.2005 I was interviewed by a writer from the Watertown ( NY ) Times , the title of the article was ” Real estate boom hits St Lawrence County ” etc. The article was mostly about the fact I had sold over 75 parcels in St Lawrence County alone during the previous 2 years. St Lawrence County was one of those places I went to occasionally to buy land. Meaning I went there only when the market was really crankin’.  THAT’S how strong the market was back then. In that article I was quoted saying “it can’t continue the way it’s been” , unfortunately I was right.  Today is a different story and I would guess most of us know that. So where am I going with this? Hang in there , I do have a point. During the time that guy had interviewed me I was selling 5 acre riverfront parcels in St Lawrence County for $45,000 – $60,000 all day long. These are great properties no doubt but that’s still a lot of money. Today those lots would be on the market for $35,000 and I’d be happy as hell to get that. Now if we were talking about Herkimer County, Lewis County we would be looking at higher prices probably but nothing like the “old days”. So what happened ? Well we all know our country has taken an economic beating the last 6+ years like none of us have seen before. I don’t care which side of the isle you sit on but no one can deny our economy is basically non existent today. It’s a fact and trying to screw around with numbers to fool the fools accomplishes nothing. This does create a fantastic opportunity for the person who has interest in buying recreational land in NY and is financial able to do so. There will be a rebound , there always is and I believe it’s 12 months away.


6 ac. riverfront $25,000 ! new driveway/building site ready

This Fall we have an important election coming up. When election day is over everything starts to change. We have for years now lived in fear , we’re afraid of everything. We should be , after all we’ve been sold fear 24/7 for years and we bought it. Not much longer though because people will not have the fear of job loss like they have in recent years. As soon as this happens markets everywhere start to show signs of life. Our market in upstate NY will be no different. We won’t see 5 acre lots selling for $40,000 but we won’t be selling them for $12,000 either. RIGHT NOW today is the absolute best opportunity you have to buy recreational land in NY for the kind of prices your grandfather used to talk about. I’ll speak on behalf of everyone and tell you everything is negotiable up here. I don’t care what you see in an ad or what anyone says over the phone. It’s negotiable , don’t doubt that for a second. Some of you look at that like “of course it is” and I understand that. My father still thinks a pack of gum is negotiable. That isn’t always the case though and I’ve experienced it 1st hand. I’ve walked away from people offering $1000 less than my price. I’ve had times where I literally told people on the phone ” the price is firm and don’t expect to negotiate because I will not move from this price”. Oh the days ! Those days are gone for a while now so take advantage of it and have some fun buying land at your price instead of a price the market has dictated. Land prices right now in upstate NY range from low to embarrassing. It’s like this for all of us , but I’m the only one foolish enough to admit it. Give me a call at (800) 260 – 2148 , visit my website at , email me at , whatever is easier and offend me with an offer!

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