The perfect piece of land does not exist

Who wants to hear that? No one , but someone has to say it so I’ll do it. When I write here I’m always referring to my experience in this business , mostly the thousands of people I’ve spoke with over the years. Couple that with the endless hours of searching for land to buy , the many deals I’ve bought over the years and all the sales and I can tell you the same situations arise all the time. I’ve learned a lot over the years and can promise when I write about this stuff it’s based on something and not a half assed  opinion. So here we go with this one.

The best prospect out there is prepared and educated about what they want. I love these people ! Prepared and educated doesn’t mean what they want is realistic , many times it isn’t. Finding property that has everything you want in the location you want at the price you can afford is impossible. There are simply too many variables for all these pieces to come together at the same place. So what’s a person/family to do? Start by agreeing how much you are willing to spend on the land you will ultimately buy. From there you need to make a list of what features you want on the land you’re going to buy. It could be waterfront , all wooded , town road frontage w/utilities, in “X” county etc , you get the idea. The most important factor you have to consider is the financial side of it and be realistic in what that amount of money could buy you. I’ve been through this many times where a family wants waterfront property, with town road access, utilities for $20,000. It doesn’t happen , not here not anywhere. So make your list and decide which items on the list you cannot do without.  From there prioritize the negotiable features – maybe your price range isn’t going to get you as many acres as you wished for. If so then agree to consider property that isn’t as big as you wanted or doesn’t have town road frontage , you get the idea. The whole point is discuss this stuff before you head out to look at land for sale and to know ahead of time what you are willing to live without. If you can agree on your list before looking then the whole process is easier and ultimately a lot more enjoyable. Gentleman , my advice to you is simply this : if she MUST have “it” don’t waste your time discussing it. Find a way to afford it and live happily with it ! THAT is the single best piece of advice I can give you. Find near perfect land at

When you’re organized and everyone is on the same page you will be surprised at how fun this can be. If there’s one thing all buyers have in common it’s happiness. They are all happy about what they’re doing and enjoying every minute of it. Be like them , enjoy it , buy it and you will never ever regret it.

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