The #1 reason to buy recreational land

For me this is an easy one. I wasn’t even going to write today until I started adding more pictures on knowlandny. I look at all the pictures I have ( hundreds that aren’t on here ) and all I think about is FREEDOM ! Freedom from “everything” when I’m in the woods. There cannot be a situation in life that offers the kind of relaxation you can experience on your own land.

Hunting season in the Adirondacks

Hunting season in the Adirondacks

For me this all started when I was too young to even where we were going other than grandma’s and grandpa’s place. It didn’t take long and the thoughts of going there filled my days. All I wanted to do was go to the woods up north and run around looking for critters with my brother. Our family spent all those “growing up” years heading  there every single chance we could. The campfires , cooking out , listening to hunting stories from Gramp and passing out on a chair outside. I wouldn’t change a minute of it. From there It became all about deer hunting at our REALLY remote Adirondack camp. I can’t even write about the things that happen in that place but trust me it was fun. The years I’ve spent in the woods with my father , brother and friends were filled with the best memories a person could imagine. We killed countless bucks and bears over the years and drank more beer than any camp in the woods. The card playing went on for days if the weather was bad but the fun never stopped. What was talked about in camp more than anything was simply the freedom of being away from it all. We still say the same thing today. I have a great customer/friend who speaks the same language. Mike bought some land from me , built a beautiful camp and can’t stay away from the place. These days he’s running up here with his laptop packed , spends days at camp and even works. Imagine the guy and his wife in a camp they power with a generator , “attending” an online meeting while sitting next to the fireplace in the middle of nowhere. After “work” he treats himself to a ride on the local ATV or snowmobile  trial system that is at the end of his driveway ! Talk about catching the bug! I want to be him !!! As I’ve written before , these opportunities are as plentiful as ever & I have many of those opportunities waiting right here

As parents we look back at the things we did with the kids and how it shaped & influenced their lives. We’ve all been to Disney but I can tell you that trip didn’t shape any kids life. Sure it was fun but forgotten in a month. What is it they will carry with them forever? Up here it’s the time in the woods ,time spent at camp. Kids learning how to “get around” in the woods , how to get firewood, build campfire and maybe sleep on the dirt. These are the things we remember and our kids remember. What stories & experiences will your family talk about ? It won’t be Disney.

If you’re reading this you must have interest in what I’ve just discussed. Call me (800)260 -2148 , write me whatever ya want and we can talk about some beautiful places I have for sale where you can do all this and more. Thanks for stopping by.  mj



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