Buying land off the grid vs. on the grid

Here’s a question that comes up about 100 times a week. When people ask about “off the grid” they’re always concerned about what is involved and what are the benefits. Many find that on the grid will suit them better but too many find out after they buy they made a mistake. There are benefits to both but it all depends on your plans , dreams and expectations of your land are. Let’s discuss them and find out what works for you.

Off the grid : For me this is an easy one , I want to be off the grid as much as possible but so what right? Off the grid property will nearly always provide more privacy 1st and foremost. THIS is what owners of this type of land speak of right off the bat. The privacy comes with other issues you have to address. There is no electric “at the road” in front of your property so how will you deal with this? I have so many customers off the grid I can’t even begin to guess the number. Not one of them is concerned about the lack of an electric pole in their front yard because they are taking care of that themselves. These days more and more people have what’s called a “whole house” generator. If you’ve ever seen them they’re the ones that sit on a concrete pad usually and are enclosed in a metal housing. It looks like the air conditioner that sits along side of your home and keeps the house cool all summer. They aren’t very big and can run the whole house if you want it to. The most common fuel used today is propane which is delivered right to your camp. You’ll have a propane tank at your cabin and the truck will stop by when you schedule it and keep the tank full. From there you have electricity when you want it and need it. It’s called INDEPENDENCE and you rely on no one. There’s no monthly charge you pay to the local utility even when you aren’t there , there’s no fear of losing power because of a storm etc. You are in complete control and that’s how it should be. With these generators you can run everything you have in your house. I have many customers with “cabins” that have full bath facilities and full kitchens not to mention DirectTV , internet access and all the other stuff the kids want. It’s everything you want and you decide how and when. On top of that many have a solar panel to supplement their generator just for the small stuff like a light or 2. The cost of setting this all up is going to be around $5000 which is not that much for being independent. The cost will easily pay for itself it a few years. I point all this stuff out because when a family is considering this there is often that time where “he” has to convince “her” this will all be ok and the kids can still take a bath at night and it won’t be in a pond. If your interest in owning land is to have that place to go to on weekends/vacations etc then off the grid seems to be an obvious choice to me. Being away means being away from the daily routine, the noise , traffic and all that garbage. Privacy is in dwindling supply these days and you aren’t getting privacy sitting on a town maintained road with next door neighbors. Off the grid is nothing to fear , it’s an opportunity to embrace and enjoy so do it! Want to see some backwoods land for yourself? click

On the grid: Ok well there’s an obvious need for this and I try to have land that meets these needs all the time. I’ve sold a lot of land to folks wanting to build a retirement home. In this case they will need land that is accessible by a maintained road with utilities right there. I have to remind myself we all have different definitions of privacy. Almost everyone who looks at land I have for sale think it’s a lot more private than where they live. To me privacy means seeing and hearing no one but that isn’t always what a customer wants. You can get what most would consider a lot of privacy and still be on the grid. If you’re planning to build a new home / retirement home then this is the best situation for you. This area is not very populated to begin with so neighbors are not “next door” like they are at home. If you have a 5 acre wooded lot you can set yourself up in a very private setting and still enjoy the having utilities brought to your house. This is how I live and I certainly enjoy it but wish it was even more private. When the leaves are on the trees here shortly I won’t be able to see my neighbors which is how I like it. Nothing against my neighbors because they’re good folks but I’d rather look at trees and wildlife then look at their house. For some on the grid opportunities write me and let’s talk about it

There ya have it – too many words again from me to discuss a simple topic! Actually there’s a lot of questions when it comes to this stuff and I enjoy talking with people about it. Please share this, comment and sign up to get all the latest irrelevant BS right here. As I look at the stats of this blog I’m still shocked anyone stops by to read this stuff. I’m not sure what that says about you guys or me – best we don’t know ! Just a reminder , please let me know if there’s a topic you want to talk about here…. as long as it isn’t Obamacare! Have a great day and come back tomorrow if you’re bored as hell. I’m going to write about the Northern Tier of NY as opposed the Southern Tier. My baseless opinions will be in overdrive tomorrow! See ya soon.   mj

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