NY Northern Tier or Southern Tier for land buyers ?

Many of you know NY is commonly identified by either the Northern Tier or Southern Tier. These 2 distinct regions are as different as can be. So how does the NY land buyer decide where they will be looking for land ? There’s a lot to consider and it goes way beyond “how far is the drive”. I’m going to dive into this a little and stir the pot while I’m at it. Over the years I’ve had a ton of experience buying & selling land in both regions so I’ll share my opinions. Let’s get at it …

Southern Tier : Generally speaking the Southern Tier is the area south of the NYS Thruway / Interstate 90 running from Albany to Buffalo. Here you’ll find a LOT of farmland , open spaces/fields etc. and some pretty cool country roads. The Southern Tier today is much different than it was just a few years ago. This place is THE hotbed of proposed gas drilling in NY. This has to be considered because if you go here looking for land to buy you will have a very hard time finding property that still has the gas rights. Nearly everything/everyone has sold their gas rights which means the obvious. You can buy the land , gas drilling can take place on YOUR land and you have no say in the matter, not too mention you aren’t going to get any money from it. I’m sure a lot of you are aware of the battle going on in NYS over gas drilling. Make no mistake , I’m a big supporter of it. Our economy needs it and it helps my business if people aren’t buying in the Southern Tier – how’s that for honesty? If you find property you want to buy down there and the gas rights are transferrable you will find the price to be out of this world. So if you buy land and own the gas rights is it worth the cost? No it isn’t because the people next door and across the road sold their gas rights so drilling is going to take place right under your nose regardless. You paid a lot and avoided nothing. Some will tell you gas drilling isn’t going to happen , don’t believe them. It’s a matter of time and it will begin. This is one of those rare circumstances where money simply overrules everything. By that I mean politicians protecting their “base” only goes so far when the kind of money you can’t imagine is involved. Gas companies have been buying drilling rights like crazy the last few years. They didn’t do this for the hell of it , they did it because they know they are going to be drilling here. No environmental group or politician can stop this, it’s inevitable and it’s closer than ever. I stopped buying land down there several years ago and I’m not going back. I’ll go so far as to say if ANYONE is telling you gas drilling isn’t going to happen they are delusional or lying. I guarantee it’s going to happen. Ok so gas drilling has to be considered , what else ? Nothing , the gas drilling alone ruins any thought of buying there. My advice , don’t even consider it  or don’t come crying here when you realize the mistake you made. Definitely don’t call me when you’re trying to get rid of property that can’t be sold. I truly hope the people who live there make all kinds of money and have fun doing it. Their towns/counties will have much needed cash flow which will make life easier for all taxpayers there.

norht south zone map

Northern Zone Riverfront FOR SALE (800) 260 - 2148

Northern Zone Riverfront FOR SALE (800) 260 – 2148


Northern Tier : North of that black line you see on the map above is the Promised Land. If you’re looking for land in NYS this is the only place to consider. We have the 6 million acre Adirondack Park , the awesome Tug Hill, the St Lawrence River,the Salmon River and a whole lot more. We often talk about the wilderness experience we have here that you cannot find anywhere else in NYS. Up here you can get as far removed from society as you want. In the Southern Tier you can’t walk 10 minutes in any direction without hitting a road. We have countless lakes , rivers , streams and state forests. When it comes to snowmobiling/ATV riding when’s the last time you were on a trail system in the Southern Tier? Never that’s when because they have none. You can ride ATV’s/ snowmobiles to Canada from just about anywhere up here. Our hunting seasons are the longest in the northeast and our wildlife is as plentiful as ever. Why do you think so many people from Pennsylvania drive thru the southern tier to get here every single year? Seems like in the Fall we see more Pa. license plates than NY . This area is truly a 4 season playground – there is no off season up here.  Every outdoor activity you can think of is available here in abundant supply. Our taxes are generally lower than other areas in the state and our open space availability is 2nd to none. We have so much undeveloped, public owned  ground it’s incredible. I can promise there is no place in the East that offers as much outdoor fun as we can offer here. Click here and see some examples of what we have http://www.mooseriverland.com So what I’m saying is this : if the Southern Tier is a shorter drive for you I can understand why you would want to consider the place. It used to be when people called and spoke about looking at land for sale in NY they were always going to consider the Southern Tier – at least look anyway. I can’t remember how many years it’s been since someone said that to me. Most of what I wrote you folks already know , but some don’t and they need to know before doing anything. Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to weigh in on this topic or any of the ones I write about. I’m always game for a good discussion. I’m heading to camp tomorrow morning for the 1st time this year. Time to do firewood and get the place ready for the summer. Can’t wait to get at it.

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