Land in New York is affordable & safe investment

So how do I know this ? Simple , I’ve been buying and selling land for many years up here and if I haven’t lost money doing it there’s no way in hell you will ! It boils down to what do you want to do with your money and is buying land affordable enough to make it worth it ? Let’s discuss and see where it goes …

The fact is in all these years of working in the land business I’ve never seen prices as affordable as today. Obviously the reasons are known and not exactly anything to celebrate BUT it creates an opportunity. You , your family/friends can buy land today at prices we haven’t seen since the 90’s , that’s a fact. If you call/email one of my competitors they will deny it but it’s a fact. I really don’t care to waste time denying what the world knows , our economy is practically nonexistent so let’s find a way to take advantage of it. I’m no investment advisor or tax guy so I’m not going to wade into those waters. Still if you consider where you can put your money today what is safer than land ? You want to dump your hard earned money into a stock market that I’m betting will meet reality sometime soon? The Fed isn’t propping up the land market I can tell you that and the Fed isn’t going to cause the land market to crumble. Take a brief look at history , your own history included , and you can hear enough voices saying ” buy land”. Tell me something more American than owning land ….. you can’t.

I have many friends who have spent their money on land for years and years. They all say the exact same thing : ” I’ve made more money on land in my life than anything I’ve ever done” . These are all business owners I’m referring to. Just every day folks who pick off a deal here and there and hang onto it. They all have that one property they claim they will never sell because it’s the one they spend their free time at. They all have properties they sell every now and then for whatever reason and ALWAYS make money. One very close friend has been a business owner for decades and literally retired like a King just from his land investments. I’m talking about strictly recreational land , not a commercial lot in the whole bunch. Just people buying a piece of the woods and seeing what happens over time.

It’s simple , it’s safe and it’s proven. A market like todays will not last forever so why not take advantage of it ? I have many properties that can give you and affordable way “in” to land ownership and get your feet wet. A quick click here will get you started. Take a look , give me a call or send an email. I’m around and always happy to talk about this stuff so don’t hesitate. Also share this blog with your buddies and SIGN UP to get the newest info 1st. I’ll make sure it comes right to you with no effort at all. I’m big on that “no effort” stuff ! Thanks for stopping by.     mj


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