Lots of NY Food Plot info on the way !

It’s certainly no secret many of you have a great interest in managing land ( hopefully YOUR land) and a thirst for food plot info. My uneducated, unsolicited experiences and opinions about plots will be available right here on a regular basis. I know , you can hardly contain your enthusiasm !

I’ve been “planting” up here for years and have learned a lot along the way. Many of you know the food plot education , specifically mistakes , can be expensive. I have my personal hunting land I do a lot of planting on and also a hunting club property in the heart of the Adirondacks I’m doing a lot of work on this year. I’ll be covering it all from start to finish with video to go with it. One of the topics I’ll discuss this summer is what plants I’ve had success with and the ones I haven’t. Also how I lay out a plot and why with some talk about creating water holes and why they’re important.

I’m no expert that’s for sure , but neither are most of the people you see on TV who are paying to hunt over someone else’s work. Often times they speak as though they did the work on those plots and an experienced person can listen and tell it’s all BS. Seems like the guy who actually did it is rarely heard from because he isn’t a writer or doesn’t have a TV show. Just keep in mind they’re all trying to sell you something , I’m not. I just like to plant and see what the hell happens and am still amazed anytime I see wildlife in my plots. I don’t think the excitement of that will ever wear off , I hope it never does. So if you’re interested in planting and want to join in the fun please stay tuned. Follow my blog and get the updates as they come along – they’ll start next week. Thanks for stopping by , please take a minute to share this and let me know who you are. Sign up right here !


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