Leasing vs. Buying Land

Over the years I’ve done a lot of both , in fact I still do. I’ve had some real good experiences and some not so good ones but this is a different world today no matter if you lease or buy. I figured I would write about what I believe you need to consider before you decide where to spend your time and money. The time is as important as the money because it can be quite an exercise and you can waste a lot of it. Let’s dig in …..

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What is the Adirondack Park Agency ( APA ) ?

Probably 15 years ago I’m in Pennsylvania working a booth at an outdoor show – the BIG show in Harrisburg. I had a board in front of my booth that said something like ‘ 10 ac. Adirondack Park , guaranteed buildable’ . Over the course of a few days I had one guy after another tell me I was lying by saying it was “guaranteed buildable” because “everyone” knows you can’t build in the Adirondack Park. Let’s say I spent untold amounts of time trying to educate people who had no interest in learning about the Park and it’s history. So after all these years I’m going to put it in writing in hopes someone will want to understand what the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) and the Adirondack Park is all about. Let’s go ….

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Let’s talk about Preppers & NY Land

So what exactly is up with the Prepper craze these days ? I was asking myself this a couple years ago and decided I needed to know more. Typically I would just jump out there with an uneducated , ignorant opinion and shoot my mouth off. Lucky for all of us I don’t do that anymore. The prepping industry is booming  and that’s a good thing for all of us in my opinion. I’ll share what I’ve learned and I’ll sprinkle in my BS because that’s my specialty.

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Ok so what’s this all about ? It’s about making this easier for you to buy land in NY and to save you some time and headaches. What could be wrong with that ? Nothing , so how does this work ? I’ll explain right here how quick and easy it is ..

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MUST “knows” when buying land with friends

It’s pretty much every week I’m talking with another person who’s looking for land for himself and his partners. That person is YOU. Why the bold letters? Because YOU are here reading this , not your partners. I’m going to educate YOU about what is going to happen and more important what ISN’T going to happen. If YOU want to save time and headaches , keep reading. After hundreds of dealings with people just like YOU I can promise I’m telling YOU what YOU have to know. Let’s go ….

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Does ” PRICE per ACRE” mean anything ?

Well the short answer is no , but there’s always the exception. Price per acre is one of those phrases that’s been around forever and is still mentioned from time to time. Most buyers / sellers realize it doesn’t mean much but I think we should still ask why and when. Let’s do that … Continue reading