MUST “knows” when buying land with friends

It’s pretty much every week I’m talking with another person who’s looking for land for himself and his partners. That person is YOU. Why the bold letters? Because YOU are here reading this , not your partners. I’m going to educate YOU about what is going to happen and more important what ISN’T going to happen. If YOU want to save time and headaches , keep reading. After hundreds of dealings with people just like YOU I can promise I’m telling YOU what YOU have to know. Let’s go ….

The typical scenario is this : 5 buddies who spend a lot of time together hunting ,fishing etc. These 4 or 5 buddies start discussing the possibility of buying some land together where they can build a cabin, go hunting , fish the Salmon River like always and maybe some snowmobiling. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing except it isn’t going to happen and here’s why. You are the guy who’s always organizing everything the group does. You get the info , make the plans and ultimately are the one who tells the others ” we’re going here and staying at this place”. Your buddies even owe you a little money from the last trip. Anyway you guys talk about buying land, after you’ve done some research, and they all casually say “yeah ,I’m in”. They aren’t.

You will call here or somewhere and let us know you are the one behind it all and the one who gathers all the info. You’ll tell us your friends trust you and will go along with whatever you suggest. You’ll make plans for the group to come and look at land together and you will cancel those plans several times because your buddies just can’t make it. Eventually you get frustrated and tell the boys you’re coming up here to look at land and will they go along with your opinion if you find something you think will work. Sound familiar so far? Next up you make the trip here and tell whoever you’re with that the partners trust you and will go along with whatever you tell them. Maybe you make a couple trips here but eventually you find something you like. Problem is each time you contact the guys they seem to be less interested than they supposedly were at 1st. Some won’t even call or text you back because they don’t want to talk about it. So now you found the right property and go to your partners to let them know the good news. Maybe 1 of your partners shows up to discuss and now you’re mad.

There’s no need to be mad , you never should have put yourself in this position to begin with. They aren’t going to spend the money it’s as simple as that. YOU are passionate about this and that’s a good thing , don’t lose that!  All of you are probably in your 30’s , working hard , starting families and all that good stuff. Some of these families enjoy the outdoors , some don’t and THAT is the problem. No one is buying without getting the approval at home. At least 3 of the 5 in the group will not get the ok and you shouldn’t be surprised. So now what?

It’s simple so listen up. Forget about having that many guys involved because it would NEVER work anyway. They did you a favor so be grateful. You either decide to go at it alone ( the best option ) or you pickup just one partner to go with you. Obviously going alone is going to require an adjustment in the property you can afford but that’s ok. With just yourself and your family you won’t need as much room and can easily adjust. Look hard enough and you’ll be surprised at what you find. Look here to start  . I’ve seen many cases where 2 buddies buy together and this always seems to work. It’s much less stressful and a helluva lot more fun. Contact your best friend in the group and discuss the possibility , maybe you get surprised. Whatever you do , DON’T lose that passion and don’t let this set you back. YOU can do this and you don’t need all of them to see it through. I understand the thought can be a little scary at 1st but the more you learn the more comfortable you become. If you’re married get her involved immediately and make this a family adventure. When you end up buying it will pay off in ways you never imagined , I guarantee it.

So I just took the wind out of your sails, too bad because I did you a favor. This is supposed to be fun , exciting and rewarding. Trying to do it with a group of friends is not so keep your expectations in order and make them reasonable. YOU can do this and if you’re committed you will do this. Scrap the multiple partner plans and get busy ! NOW is the time with a market that favors the buyer so take advantage. Your friends will be amazed and you’ll have a sense of satisfaction and pride you’ve never experienced before. When your buddies want to come up to your place in the woods and enjoy your hard work charge them and get the money up front!!! Enjoy the journey and let me know how it goes. Call , email , share  – do all that good stuff and keep the conversation going. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE TO GET ALL THE LATEST ON LAND FOR SALE IN NEW YORK AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Thanks for stopping by.      mj

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