Ok so what’s this all about ? It’s about making this easier for you to buy land in NY and to save you some time and headaches. What could be wrong with that ? Nothing , so how does this work ? I’ll explain right here how quick and easy it is ..

Go to my website and check out my properties for sale. These are all properties I own ,by the way, so you aren’t wasting your time with a middle man. At the bottom of each property description is a space where you can make an offer on the property. Fill out the info and let the fun begin ! I’m doing this simply to make this process as easy and fun as possible. Many people aren’t real comfortable negotiating in person and I recognize that. So what I’m doing is making it as hassle free and enjoyable as possible so we can make a deal before you even come up. If we come to an agreement we can then figure out a time to meet and you and your family can inspect the property to see if it’s what you hope it is … and what I said it is. If you like it we have a deal. If you don’t like it , we don’t have a deal. I then take you and your family hostage … wait , never mind that one!

Look , this is about making all of this as fun and easy as I possibly can. I’ve said many times over the years “if it ain’t fun , I ain’t there” . My parents were never too happy about that when they heard it come out of my mouth back in the 70’s but I can’t seem to shake it. I want to have some fun and provide an opportunity for families to enjoy all we have to offer here and not have to fear being subjected to a salesman and some used car lot gimmicks and pressure. Who the hell has time for that ? I’ve heard from enough of you over the years and I know many have had to put up with that BS. Not here , not ever. It’s time for some fun so get to and let’s start having some.

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