Let’s talk about Preppers & NY Land

So what exactly is up with the Prepper craze these days ? I was asking myself this a couple years ago and decided I needed to know more. Typically I would just jump out there with an uneducated , ignorant opinion and shoot my mouth off. Lucky for all of us I don’t do that anymore. The prepping industry is booming  and that’s a good thing for all of us in my opinion. I’ll share what I’ve learned and I’ll sprinkle in my BS because that’s my specialty.

So what exactly is a “Prepper” ? Here’s what I found :

Definition of a Prepper

Prepper (noun): An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of or prior to any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant) or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle.

Like many of you I’ve watched those TV shows out of curiosity to see what this is all about. Then I looked more, asked more and learned more. I can tell you what we see on TV is not a representation of the “main stream” preppers out there. On TV we’re seeing a lot of whack jobs who are being told to act like a nut to sell some TV ads. Ok fine , that’s pretty common. The “prepper next door” is not the nut on TV. The people who participate in this are pretty average folks who happen to be interested in taking care of themselves. Not just in emergency situations but in LIFE situations. We’re sold & told on TV these people are all scared to death of the Gov’t. and being invaded by another country. Ok I suppose there’s a little bit of that in there but that is not what motivates these people. What gets these folks out of bed everyday is a love of independence and the pride that comes from taking care of themselves. Perhaps more people need to be reminded this country was found on independence and people who were motivated by taking care of themselves. If you run into a Liberal please remind them of this.

While looking around and asking around I realized I know a prepper and didn’t even know it. So I had to ask questions and learn more. Let’s call this person Rachel , since that’s her name. Hi Rachel , I know you’ll see this at some point. Anyway , Rachel is one of those independent people I mentioned earlier. She has all kinds of stuff she’s accumulated over the years and can pretty much take care of her family if something did happen – she’s gonna take care of me too and she’s just now realizing it! Rachel is self employed , married & mother of 2 young men. Rachel has enough food stored to take care of her family for a year at least. She has all kinds of tools & supplies to continue to live independently for however long Rachel & her family need or want. She’s smart , motivated , funny as hell and independent as hell. She’s a leader and an example for all. What she isn’t is a nut job like the ones you see on TV. She doesn’t have 8 guns in her car , she doesn’t have a cannon in the front yard or a bunker in the back yard. She’s you and me , except she’s much better looking than us. Rachel is an example of what prepping today is all about. It’s men, women , families and friends just taking care of themselves. What can possibly be bad about that ? Nothing  & we need more of it.

What got me going on this is noticing a few years ago more and more people asking if I had land for sale in NY where they could grow food. I didn’t give much thought to the fact many of you have no room to grow anything at home. I have a garden every year and grow all kinds of stuff and always end up with so much of it I give tons of it away. Many of you don’t have that opportunity and now I’m getting it. The 1st step to independence is growing your own food but you need a place to grow it. When I say growing food I don’t mean a tomato plant in a bucket on the deck , I’m talking about FOOD and lots of it. Food in amounts you can preserve in can/jar , freeze etc. in amounts that can last till next year when you do it again. Not only is it a helluva lot of fun but it saves money and it’s a whole lot healthier than the weed pile you pick through at the grocery store. You don’t really believe that stuff comes “fresh everyday” do you ? I don’t believe it for a second. There’s a better chance it’s been in the back of a truck for the last 4 days than it was “picked fresh this morning”. If you think I have a lot of bullshit take a look at the signs in your grocery store ! I’m almost jealous at what these people can come up with.

So how do you start your journey to independence ? You need a place to go and grow , that’s where I come in. You didn’t think I wrote all this for my health did ya? I’m trying to sell you some land so pay attention ! Go to my website www.mooseriverland.com and start looking. You need a place you can grow some food , build a cabin/homestead and be able to take care of yourself and your family. This country is in short supply these days of people who want to take care of themselves. It won’t be like that forever if we don’t allow it. Join the fun , learn some things along the way and create a family tradition that will last forever.

As always . thanks for stopping by . If you have some prepper tales or ideas we’d all like to hear them. Keep in touch and don’t forget to sign up right here and SHARE this with friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with a topic that’s sure to provoke a discussion we need to have. Have a great day.     mj

P.S.  Rachel , next time I call don’t put me on hold and tell me you have to check with the records dept!

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