NYS campgrounds / parks , it’s what we do best !

I’ve been here in NYS my whole life so it’s safe to say I’ve seen some good , some bad and little bit ugly along the way. The good is much more fun to concentrate on so I’m going to do that today. We’re talking about the best state park system in America  and it’s right here.

One thing we’re all guilty of from time to time is ignoring the best of what we have close to home , I’m guilty also. Maybe it’s age that causes me to appreciate things more or dare I say I might be getting a little brighter ? We’ll stick with age. Anyway , I’m driving around close to home and for some reason looked at the Delta Lake State Park sign that’s just down the road. I got to thinking about the fun I’ve had there over the years and the fun so many people have there right now. This park is truly beautiful , people come from all over to spend their vacations there and it’s right down the road from my house. When I was a kid we used to go to the beach there all the time and had a riot. I didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the place but I have as the years have gone on. I’ve visited many of our parks here and it’s always the same thing time after time. 1st class parks & campgrounds with everything you could possibly want at a cost so low it’s embarrassing.

In NY we have 52 state parks / campgrounds open to all. Some of our campgrounds are so popular people stay up till midnite (sometime in the winter) waiting for the reservation period to start so they can get their spot on the dates they want. My cousin and his wife have been doing this for years and I’m still amazed. Our parks are incredible places everyone should see at some time. You can expect to see property that’s beautifully maintained , campsites as nice as any you’ll experience , boat launches , beaches and just about everything else you need. The campgrounds up north in this area are all wooded and have trails all over the place with wildlife as plentiful as people. I remember years ago camping at Golden Beach in Raquette Lake and seeing bears all the time , I mean all the time ! For the young family especially this is a great opportunity to have some fun , show the kids something different  , cook over a fire and sleep in a tent for very little money. It can’t be beat and your kids will never forget it.

Often times I’m with people who’re looking to buy land up here , hopefully from me. Anyway , I hear many stories of how it all began which was the family camping on weekends. For many it turns into something more which is owning land up here and making this a lifestyle as opposed to something they do sometimes. No matter what your interests are I can promise a visit to one of our campgrounds will show you a side of NY you may not know ever existed. We take a lot of pride in our parks/campgrounds and it shows the minute you drive in. Give it a shot sometime , I can promise you won’t regret it. Don’t forget , if it’s land you’re interested in you need go no further than here.  Thanks for stopping for a visit. Been a busy couple weeks and I haven’t had time to write unfortunately. I’ve got a million outdoor topics to write about and will be doing so again tomorrow. Please comment and share if you have a minute.    mj


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