NYSAFE Act …. let’s get this discussion over with !


I have to write about this for a lot of reasons but the #1 reason is the big mouths all over Facebook and other places who know nothing about this law but think they know it all. Many see this blog from my FB page which I certainly appreciate , I appreciate the comments also. What I’m tired of is the people who are on my FB page and every other FB page who want to sound like experts but don’t know anything about the subject. My competitors are I are beyond sick of the ignorance so I’m going to have this discussion and get it over with. Evidently no one else is foolish enough to do it , but I am so let’s go …

Full disclosure before we get going. I’m a NRA Life Member and damn proud of it. No apologies for where I stand on this but I’m going to be fair and I’m not carrying anyone’s water with regards to this topic. The NYSAFE Act was passed as law right after the tragedy at Sandy Hook in Connecticut in December 2012. This tragedy was the only reason this law ever came about and that is a fact. Our Governor , Andrew Cuomo , was desperate to be the 1st Gov. in the country to pass a gun control law after what happened at Sandy hook. No one is fooled by this including you. Cuomo took a page out of the Obama book and had this law written in 15 minutes and forced it to be voted on before any voting member had read it. This is beyond dispute , it’s a fact. This was typical shortsighted , reactionary Liberal politics at work which resulted in a whole lot of miscommunication and anger across our state. Cuomo simply made a mess of something without solving a single problem. Unfortunately we expect nothing less from our so called leaders no matter what side of the aisle they have their seat. As a gun owner and lifelong outdoorsman I was as ticked off about this as anyone , I still am.

I’m going to take a minute and just say I’m especially disappointed in our Gov. because he didn’t used to operate like this. Not that I’ve voted for him but I did respect him and honestly he seemed like a pretty good guy. He actually seems like a nice guy who you could see yourself living next door to. It’s a quality & image he’s completely destroyed because he got sucked up in the ugliness and corruption of politics. It’s too bad because he let a lot of people down including himself. I’m sure his father is proud but his father was as crooked as anyone who ever sat in the Gov. chair.

Onward. So what is this law all about ? In a nutshell it’s about restricting the ownership of assault weapons , no surprise there. If you own any assault weapon in NYS you are supposed to register it with the State Police , it’s even free ! I say you’re supposed to because according to all reports almost no one has for obvious reasons but not obvious enough for the Governor. Assault weapon owners are supposed to do this on their own because no one in NY Gov’t knows who owns what and many people don’t understand this. I have a safe full of guns and there’s no record anywhere these guns even exist. Try telling that to a Liberal who thinks this law protected someone. Impossible. So what if you don’t register it ? You get charged with some meaningless misdemeanor and probably lose your gun. But wait there’s more ! Initially this law restricted the ownership of any gun / magazine that held more than 7 rounds. Well any gun owner can tell in 1 second that was written by some clerk who never owned a squirt gun. The stupidity of it is astounding and the fact it made it to law proves no one read the damn thing. Fortunately this was pointed out soon after and that was one of the 1st amendments to this mess. We can own 10 round mags here in NY but you can’t have more than 7 rounds in the mag unless you’re at a shooting range and/or at a competition. Ok reasonable enough. NYS hunting laws haven’t allowed more than 6 rounds in a gun in who knows how long so it has no impact on hunters.

Next up , background checks and this is where the fun begins. Be sure to remind your friends who don’t own guns and don’t know anything about gun sales etc. So now we are supposed to have a background check for every gun sale unless it’s a deal between family members. No one bothered to ask just how compliance will be monitored. Why ? Because there is NO WAY to monitor it ! Back to my safe full of guns , the ones that are registered no where ( legally ) and no one knows I have them. According to the law if I sell one of my guns to a friend we are supposed to go to a licensed dealer and my friend has to pass a background check which will cost $10. How many do you think will do that ? The next one will be the 1st one . There is no way any level of gov’t can keep track of this. If they don’t even know a person has guns ,I’m talking rifles/shotguns , how can they monitor their movement ? They can’t and most people know it , the truly ignorant don’t. You will find most non gun owners have no idea these laws can’t be enforced and that’s a big part of the problem with this garbage. If I want to buy/sell a gun with a friend or in any private transaction I can guarantee we aren’t going to a dealer to do a background check. No one is and make no mistake Andrew Cuomo knows this and doesn’t give a damn. He got the attention of the national media for passing this disaster and that’s all he cares about. Enforcement is for other people and enforcing this is impossible. This leads me to “storage” of firearms. According to the SAFE ACT we have to keep our guns locked up if we live with a nut. This would include a felon or someone who’s had an order of protection served on them. I don’t care what side you’re on , you can’t argue that one unless you’re the nut.

So today we have this law that has had a few changes made because they made no sense and a law that’s being fought in our courts everyday. This will continue for years to come and more changes will result no doubt. Most recent data shows the SAFE ACT has not resulted in more than maybe 1 arrest. The Gov. had a couple thousand cases from crimes previous to this law passing included in their prosecution so as to make it look like this law has done something. It’s done nothing. It will continue to do nothing because it can’t.

So what does this mean to a person who owns a couple guns for hunting ? Mostly nothing and that needs to be pointed out. This law is about assault weapons and really nothing more. I don’t own assault weapons and really don’t understand the attraction to them. I own a lot of guns and love them all but I wouldn’t buy a raffle ticket  for an assault rifle regardless of legality. I shot one several years ago and was completely unimpressed. The thing looked more like a pile of junk than anything. If you’re into this stuff good for you but the rules are different today and it’s going to continue. Hunters will not be impacted by this at all so don’t waste time worrying about that. We all still own our hunting rifles/shotguns , no one knows we have them and no one cares. We’re still going hunting this year just like we always have and don’t need to worry about someone stopping us and taking our guns. It isn’t going to happen , not now, not ever.

Now back to the windbags I mentioned at the start. I post something harmless about NY , our hunting/fishing , owning land here etc and these clowns come out of the woodwork. They do the same thing to my competitors and it’s getting comical. We get these guys calling NY a “communist” state , saying we “have no rights anymore so I’m not buying land in NY blah blah blah”. These guys aren’t buying land anywhere and we all know it, they just love to shoot their ignorant mouths off. A few weeks ago I get this dope who works for a major archery company (bow manufacturer)giving me his 2 cents and 1 brain cell of info. If I were as bad as him I would have sent it to his employer and he’d be looking for work today. None of us here like this law ,it’s a matter of how much we hate it. Still this is not something that will have any impact of the vast majority of gun owners. Like everywhere else in life if you don’t break laws you have nothing to worry about. I don’t break laws and this PoS law has not affected me one bit and it won’t. I’ll be hunting before ya know it and will be carrying the same rifles I always have. Are you , or are you going to protest something that isn’t worth your time ? See ya in the woods.   mj

If you want the full scoop on the NYSAFE ACT click here and you’ll get all the details

If you really are interested in owning land in NY then please click here , email or call me

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