Deer Fly Patches product endorsement ! … this is serious

Sometimes when a product works so good I have to tell people about it. This is one of those instances and I’ll be brief , right to the point.

Any of you who spend time in the woods during the summer months have had to tolerate deer flies. They’re brutal . I look at them as Mother Nature’s drones that are loaded with hellfire missiles and ready to strike at any moment. They rarely miss. Several years ago my good buddy Mike Miller ( he works here ) gave me some of these deer fly patch things. I’m figuring this is a gimmick that will catch nothing but laughs. I was wrong , these things are the best invention since the TV.

These “patches” are a really thin 2 way tape that is colored kinda like skin. You just stick them on the back of your hat when you head for the woods and you’re set. We all know how deer flies love going for the head. When they see this tape on your hat they must be thinking it’s bare skin I’m guessing. So they dive for your noggin, land on the tape and it’s curtains ! They’re stuck and there’s no getting unstuck. I’ve had days where 30+ flies have been on 1 tape , that’s no joke. These things are not expensive and each one will last a couple maybe 3 days if there’s still room on it.

Click on the link here  and check these out. If you buy them I promise they will work and you’ll never be without them again. I don’t know anyone at the company and I’m not getting a penny for writing this. I’m just trying to save all my friends from the abuse of these monsters so we can all enjoy our time in the woods. Have fun.    mj

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