New York Land as an investment

Ok ,I’ve gotta be careful here because I’m not licensed to give anyone investment advice. When it comes to opinions however , I hold the highest license in the land ! Alright I’ll be serious because where you put your money is important and feeling safe about where it is keeps a person sane. I just want to point out the simplicity and benefits of land ownership when it comes to your investment. Let’s get at it ….

It’s easy to look back in history at the big names who built this country and became icons in the process. These guys built railroads , ships , buildings , cars you name it they did it. Today we have people who raise cattle ( lots of cattle ) , own websites that produce billions ,TV networks. build casinos , ballparks and highways. Nearly all of them now and then have one thing in common : they all invest(ed) in land. That isn’t a coincidence and it shouldn’t be ignored. Am I saying this is how they made their billions? Not at all , what I’m saying is they knew where to put their money while they made billions. We can debate what land is worth more than other land , we can disagree on where to buy and what the future value may be. We can’t debate land being a solid investment because people much smarter than us have proven it is one for generations.

In the old days many of the barons bought land knowing they could bring the development of this country “to” them. Building a railroad to and through your 1000’s of acres was a pretty good idea. Most of these guys bought land knowing the action would come to them eventually and the payback was a guarantee. That isn’t the case so much these days , in fact the opposite is the attraction in many cases. Look out your window and what do you see ? All the “action” these guys envisioned years ago is right out the window , it’s everywhere. It’s at the point now where having a place where there is no action is becoming as popular as the opposite was a 150 years ago. There simply are not enough opportunities to own property that offers some level of privacy ,security and just plain peace & quiet. THIS is what’s in short supply today and the supply is shrinking every single day. That isn’t going to stop. Obviously I’m not talking about throwing your money on a lot where Walmart may build in the future , I’m talking about privacy , recreation and investing in not only the financial side but the fun side. If you’ve read any of my BS in the past you already know that fun is at the top of my list every single day I wake up. No apologies either because I’m not alone.

We live in a country today where state and federal gov’t owns too much land and they’re always looking for more. No one can compete with our own money in the hands of people who’re owned by groups who DO NOT like private land ownership. Laugh if you want but this country is over run by big money organizations who do not support private property rights/ownership. These groups are well heeled and own a lot of politicians in this country. This situation is only going to get worse in my opinion. The result is the property THEY own has value never seen before , and yes they are land owners all. If you’ve kept track of what these organizations have done over the years then you know they’ve made a LOT of coin buying land , “warehousing” it and selling it to some level of government afterwards at a great profit. They work hand in hand with government today and are working on buying more land all the time , it’s what they do. Not to say we can compete with this because we certainly cannot but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for the smaller , individual land owner/investor.

Having spent many years in this business I’ve come in contact with countless land owners who’ve bought and sold land for decades. I know business owners who have made their money just owning land and made more than they ever did in their running their business. These people have owned 5 acre lots and hundreds of acres over the years. They all started small and kept fooling around picking off a deal here and there , buying & selling as they go. They all have one thing in common , they made money every single time. Not only that but they enjoyed a lifetime of experiences on these properties with family & friends. As landowners we all seem to feel the same way in that once we’ve bought we never stop because it’s safe , profitable and it’s downright fun. I can promise you none of us ever worried about the value of our land crashing overnight, or worried about how much we might lose if we have to sell right now.

This isn’t rocket science folks and you don’t need a license to do it. All you need is a little money to get yourself started , some imagination and a little patience. There is nothing more American than owning land in this country and you’re missing out if you don’t at least attempt it. Just ask yourself how many times you’ve heard a buddy talk about the money he lost owning land , then think about the times you’ve heard a friend talk about how much he lost in the Stock Market yesterday. Get ahold of me here and let’s start having a little fun. I’m not making guarantees but I’ll tell you I look at this the same way the owner of an NFL team looks at that business. This guy was quoted saying ” to lose money as an NFL owner you would have to be a genius and there are none in this business”. There aren’t any in the land business either so give me a shout and join in the fun.

As always I thank you for stopping by. Please pass this along to your friends and SIGN UP here for all the latest land opportunities / info in the North Country.    mj

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