Easy Cabin Rentals in NY !

A little public service for my friends out there who visit this blog. Even though I’m in the business of selling land I still speak with people all the time who are looking to rent a place up here to spend some free time and get familiar with the area. Well , there’s a new place to go where you can find a cabin to rent and it’s easy to do.

Rentnewyorkcabins.com is a great website / service that offers many places to rent in some of the best spots in NY. You can view available cabins , locations , rates , availability etc. right there in a minute or 2. I just found out about this site a couple days ago and wanted to pass this along. The website is really nice and as user friendly as it gets. All the cabins have great pictures and descriptions of the place / area. Check these guys out if you’re on the lookout for a cabin to rent.

If you have any questions you can email Joe and the gang right from the site and you’ll get a quick response. I already tried it so I know this is the case! I wanted to check these guys out before I referred them to anyone who calls me looking for a place and I can tell you there is someone there and ready to help. So there ya have it , another good source for cabin rentals in Upstate NY. I hope this is helpful and enjoy the July 4th week.   mj

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