How much land do really you need ?



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As much as you can get your hands on! Ok that’s an easy answer but we can consider a whole lot when looking into buying land and how much you really need. Everyone has different needs , interests etc. that will have a great impact on what you should be looking at and what you shouldn’t. Let’s talk about specifics……

On a regular basis I will talk with people who want to buy land for every reason you can imagine. Most fall into the categories of primary home/retirement home , vacation/recreation cabin or the most popular , hunting land.  The requirements for each one can be vastly different or sometimes not that much different at all. It depends on YOU and mostly your imagination if you can consider that. When I work with people who want to buy land the #1 obstacle I run into all the time is people can’t seem to imagine how much they can do on a property and how it can be done. We’ll discuss the most popular requests I run into and how you can figure out what will work and how it will work.

Primary home / retirement home site : Well right off the bat we know we’re talking about a parcel that has access to utilities and is on a maintained road. 99% of the time this is the case. In this scenario you will notice the properties that are available are mostly a couple acres in size , maybe 5 acres. For a homesite that’s a pretty nice size lot which will offer a lot of privacy if it’s wooded. If it isn’t wooded and you like the location etc. then plant some trees and create all the privacy you want. Typically folks who are looking to build a year round type structure do not need or want a parcel all that big. Consider the size of the lot your house is on right now, I bet it’s measured in “feet” not acres. So you’re going to build a new home and it’s going to cost a helluva lot of money no matter what you’re building. The last thing most people want to do is break the bank on more land than they need. It’s common up this way to find 5 acre lots for less than $20,000. Look hard enough and you’ll find them in the $15,000 range. One thing I strongly suggest : get out of the car and walk the property line on a 5 acre lot and get a feel for just how much room there is. There’s a lot more than you think there is I promise that.

Vacation/recreation cabin: Now we start having a little more flexibility in what we’re looking at. Your dollar is going to get you even more if you approach this with an open mind. I say “open mind” because experience has taught me many folks are not too open minded when it comes to looking for a place to build a camp and just plain relax. What happens too often is people don’t consider getting “off the beaten path” and looking at property that’s back in the woods and much more private. Many get too hung up on having electricity at the road and close themselves off from some great deals in more private locations. No offense but I’ll never understand why anyone would want to build a camp on a year round road with utilities out front and traffic to listen to. THAT is not my idea of getting away and relaxing. If you keep yourself tied to that type of property I guarantee you will be able to buy fewer acres and your taxes will definitely be higher than if you were “back in the woods”. Let’s say you have $20,000 to buy the land you want to build your family cabin on. If you are looking at land that is on a maintained road with utilities you will be looking at 5 acre lots. If you take that $20,000 and move back into a MUCH more private location you will be looking at 10 acre lots and maybe even bigger. More is better when it comes to recreation , get more !. So what will you do about electricity etc. ? You’ll do what everyone else does and have a generator setup that will run your camp and give you all the comforts you want. I have many customers who have built full size cabins in the most remote places you can imagine and have generators running the whole place. I’m talking about buildings that can pass for a full size house with full kitchen , bathrooms , satellite TV , the whole 9 yards. You can do all that or less with a propane powered generator that will run you about $5000 installed. The best part is you are in control and the power never goes out ! You don’t pay the local utility a monthly fee for when you aren’t there , you don’t have to call them and request the power be turned back on and you don’t have to deal with power outages. My advice is simple , get back in the woods and use your imagination , keep an open mind and ask questions. You will find there are some fantastic deals in the more remote locations and I promise you’ll enjoy the privacy.

Hunting land : Now the fun starts. If there’s one thing this business has taught me it’s that hunting land, specifically the size , is looked at differently by all of us. I can’t count the number of people I’ve spoken with who live in and try to hunt New Jersey. Finding ANY private property to hunt there is a serious challenge , same goes for the lower Hudson Valley of NY. I listened to countless people tell me about their experiences hunting a 5 acre lot in these places. If you’re looking for hunting land to buy there is no better place to look than up here period. We have parcels of every size imaginable at every price range you want to consider. An easy formula to use when looking in upstate NY is the farther north you go the more land you get and the more options you have. In northern NY we have literally millions of acres of State Land that is open to all plus we have a lot of old farm land that’s on the market. You can buy a couple acres bordering or near State Land or you can buy an old farm and have all the room you could ever hope for. It always boils down to money and your money is going a LOT farther in the northern zone of NY than anywhere in the northeast , I guarantee it. If you’re buying hunting land by yourself you can have a lot of fun on 15 – 20 acres. This will give you room for a couple places to setup treestands etc. and maybe a couple places to plant foodplots. Come up here and look , you’ll be shocked by what you can buy and how little it will cost.

If you’re still reading I have to thank you. No matter what your interest in land is I’m quite sure I can help you find it , I probably already own it and have it for sale. Give me a call at (800) 260 – 2148 or take a look at my website. Thank you for stopping by and please let me know if there’s any topic you would like to discuss here.

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