Our newest food plot video

I do these every now and then just for the fun of it. This time I’m planting a seed blend I’ve never used before so I figured I would document it. This video starts from last Spring when I was working the ground and ends just a few days ago with the finished plot. Hope you enjoy.

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5 Ways to make money off your land


Ok so you took the plunge and bought that piece of land you’ve always dreamed of. One problem , she isn’t happy about the taxes , upkeep etc. so you need to do something and make a little money off your dirt to keep the peace. So what can you do and how do you do it ? Several proven ideas right here so let’s talk about them…..

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Are rural land prices really going up ?

DSC03480In times like this I have to ask myself how anything can see a price increase unless it’s government regulated? Still it seems to me prices are going up and I believe it will continue , the question is why ? The answer is fear , that’s why and I’ll explain my theory having seen this before. Let’s go …

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