Are rural land prices really going up ?

DSC03480In times like this I have to ask myself how anything can see a price increase unless it’s government regulated? Still it seems to me prices are going up and I believe it will continue , the question is why ? The answer is fear , that’s why and I’ll explain my theory having seen this before. Let’s go …

Allow me to piss off a couple people and state the obvious : we have NO economy in this country today no matter how the political hacks explain the latest “numbers”. So how in hell can rural land prices , of all things go up? I mentioned fear because that is what we manufacture and sell in this country like no place on earth. We can’t get enough of it no matter what it is we’re supposed to be afraid of today. Sometimes though it’s actually legitimate and this time I believe it is. Over all these years of buying/selling land up here I’ve seen all kinds of trends , market adjustments and just about everything else we can imagine. Only once over these years did something happen that changed this business like nothing before or since , 9/11. THAT alone changed everything and honestly it turned the land business into a machine like I’ve never seen. After 9/11 for a period of about 3 years or so we couldn’t keep up with the demand. Will the land market see this again ?

Hopefully all of you remember how we  felt after that horrible day and the days that followed. The most upsetting part of that time was the sense of fear people had and their belief they had to “get the hell out” asap. Not that all the customers from those days moved up here but nearly all of them wanted to make sure they had a “place to go” where they felt safe. The reason I’m writing about this topic is because I believe something similar will happen with regards to this business and the land market in general, it’s starting now. Not to say I’m predicting another 9/11 because I’m not. I do believe something will happen on American soil again and sooner than later. There are many others who feel the same way and are acting BEFORE anything happens. Having thought about the market today and considered our economy is non existent I can’t help but believe this is what is happening today. Not only that but Wall Street is begging to crash. Ok so I’m not investment analyst but I do pay attention to our world today and will bet Wall Street cannot keep this up. In fact I believe we will experience something that is miles beyond a “correction” , we’re going to see a crash. The Fed has propped up Wall Street for years now and simply cannot continue to do so. When the Market has to stand on it’s own it won’t be able to. You may have read different opinions on this recently  , if you haven’t you should. Some are predicting a correction of 50% or more , most agree something will happen in the next 12 months that will be significant. I’m with those people and am betting on it. So what are YOU going to do ?

The weeks ,months, years following 9/11 we saw many families buying rural land for the 1st time. All of them had been thinking about it for years but now they were going to do it. I don’t want to give the impression the market was flooded with people who never considered buying land out in the country previously because that simple is not what we experienced. What happened was people acted on what they wanted to do all along. The second something happens on our soil again people will react the same way. The minute Wall Street starts to show significant signs of buckling they will do the same. It always leads to land because land has proven for generations to be safe in more ways than one. That will never change, bet on it. The market is changing right now and this is going to continue for a while , maybe a long while. If you and yours have thought about it in the past it would be a good idea to discuss it more and see what you can do before we have a real reason to be afraid. As always I thank you for stopping by and checking in. Please SIGN UP and get the word on all the latest about upstate NY land for sale and the best opportunities out there. Feel free to comment , criticize or just plain blow of some steam …. especially if you’re one of those political hacks I mentioned previously. Take care.    mj



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