5 Ways to make money off your land


Ok so you took the plunge and bought that piece of land you’ve always dreamed of. One problem , she isn’t happy about the taxes , upkeep etc. so you need to do something and make a little money off your dirt to keep the peace. So what can you do and how do you do it ? Several proven ideas right here so let’s talk about them…..

People who own recreational type property often look for ways to make a few bucks here and there and lessen the expense of owning. Over the years I’ve seen people do all kinds of stuff to bring in a little coin but these 5 are the most popular and dependable. Not every one of these ideas can work for you but 1 is all you need to bring in some money and reduce the financial obligations in long term ownership.

1) Timber harvest: Regardless how much land you own this may be a viable option. Let’s say you just want to make a few dollars here and there to help pay your annual taxes or maybe pay all of your taxes every yr. Your tax bill might be a few hundred a year or maybe a couple thousand. Either way this can work. When I mention timber harvest I’m not necessarily talking about a full scale logging job. To pay a tax bill it really doesn’t take that much in terms of wood to pay the bill. Even if you don’t have the mature trees a sawmill may pay the higher dollars for you may still have some opportunities. There are many up here who are harvesting lower grade trees for hardwood pulp and that is probably all you would need to pay your tax bills. Another option is firewood which is as popular as ever in these parts. You can find a local guy who sells firewood and work out a deal where he can take some trees for his business and you can make some money without lifting a finger. These guys who’re in the firewood business are often looking for wood sources that are close to home. Many just sell firewood out of their yard and are really easy to deal with. As I said , it doesn’t take many trees to accomplish this and chances are you can find a way to make some money off your trees without having many removed.

2) Cropland rental: Yeah I’m talking about corn, beans and stuff like that. Naturally you will need to have an area on your land that is open and can be accessed by tractor etc. but this is really common up here. Again , I’m not talking about a lot of land that’s needed, many times a few acres or maybe even less can be useful to a local farmer. My neighbor owns 5 acres across the road from my house and he rents it to a local farmer every year. Most farmers are looking for land where they can plant , even if it’s just alfalfa, oats or something like that. You won’t get rich doing this but you will benefit financially and the local wildlife will too. This option isn’t talked about much but believe me it’s a legitimate opportunity in the right place. The farmer across the road from me has corn in that 5 acre lot I mentioned and you cannot believe the tonnage he harvests in the fall. Stopping by a local farm and asking is all it takes. If that farmer isn’t looking for more cropland I’ll bet he tells you who is and how to find him.

3) Hunting lease: So you don’t hunt but you have some land and want to bring in a few dollars every year. Leasing your land for hunting will work and you won’t have trouble finding interest. All you need to do is place a free ad on the local Craigslist site and the calls will come. There are people looking for leases and advertising their interest on Craigslist literally everyday. Don’t think you have enough land to lease for hunting ? Let someone else decide that after you advertise. You aren’t necessarily looking for a “hunting club’ with a bunch of guys involved. Most people looking for leases are hunting alone or maybe 1 friend. The benefits stretch far beyond making a few dollars off your land. If you look for these interested hunters you will find all of them mention they have references and will keep and eye on your property while you’re back home. These people are locals who’re looking to form relationships with property owners that can offer them a place to hunt while they can be counted on to look after the place. Nearly every “lease wanted” ad mentions this and you’ll find after interviewing a few the right person will stand out and you’ll be comfortable. You can rest assured you have a “local” you can contact when you need to and find out how everything is going , what the weather calls for if you’re coming up here soon etc. There can be many benefits to this kind of relationship so keep an open mind and talk with some folks to see if you can find the right person.

4) Cabin rental: If you have a cabin on your property you have even more opportunities to bring home a little money. We all know about the families looking for a place to rent for a week vacation etc but it goes well beyond that. Maybe you have a cabin on a couple acres and don’t have the option of making money off timber , crop rental or hunting. There are people looking to rent cabins up here 12 months a year for all kinds of activities. Your cabin might be located a short distance from a State Forest and would be attractive to hunters who need a place to stay while they hunt. We have a lot of people from out of state or downstate who rent hunting cabins every year. You might be able to strike a deal where they rent for the whole season or maybe a couple weeks or so. During the winter you will find snowmobilers who are looking for cabins to rent. Our snowmobiling is as good and popular as anywhere in the country and we draw people from all over the U.S. and Canada. Many are looking for a place to rent for the whole season and there’s money to be made here. The rates these people will pay is astounding at times if you’re in a good location with trails close by. If you don’t use your place in the winter this is a fantastic opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored. You can advertise it yourself or you can make life even easier by contacting some local real estate brokers and make a deal with them. Many brokers here handle these type of rentals on a regular basis and can take care of the whole process for you. Don’t ignore this one if you have a cabin and need to bring in a few dollars.

5) Storage: Yeah believe it or not there’s money to be made here , the unclaimed cash kinda money. If you’re an IRS employee please read no farther ! We’ve all noticed over the years how many of those mini storage type facilities are popping up all over the place. I see them in places these days I never would have thought they would be. The reason is simple: there’s a demand for storage places and it’s only growing. Many people own land that has some kind of building or maybe an old barn on it. THIS is opportunity knocking ,trust me on this. We have an incredible need up here for places where people can store a boat or snowmobiles during the off season. I’ve met tons of people over the years who own these kind of toys and leave them up here all year long. Typically you’ll find a family that snowmobiles up here all winter long and they don’t want to take their sleds back and forth every weekend they come up. They need a place to keep them and you might have that place. During the summer there are lots of folks who keep their boat in the water and docked all summer. This time of year they’re looking for a place they can keep their boat until the Spring. The opportunities are endless depending on what you’re willing to store. One thing is for sure , if you run and ad offering storage for boats , snowmobiles ,ATV’s etc you will get a response.

Well there’s a few ideas I can promise are being practiced today and are bringing in money for a lot of people. You may not be interested in all or any of them right now but if the time comes where you have to make some money off your land you’ll know there are opportunities out there. Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested in land ownership in the North Country please contact me anytime. I have plenty of great properties for sale right now and some really good stuff coming soon! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends and SIGN UP right here for all the latest info on land ownership in upstate NY. Thanks again.    mj

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