1 of my hidden foodplots

Small food plots are probably more common than any plots that are planted today. Everyone wants to plant but many have very little room to do so or don’t have equipment available to accomplish anything bigger than 1/2 acre or so. Not to worry because when done right small plots are as effective as any big plot and a helluva lot of fun to plant and hunt. Smaller plots need some different considerations when planting so let’s cover a few that I promise will help you out.

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Many of you will think this is a pretty stupid question  , and I understand why. I’m bringing this up simply because there are a few answers besides a simple “YES”. I’ll go over them right here while sharing with you the reason I’m asking this question and believe me ya gotta hear this one. Let’s get started ….


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Radishes , the next big thing for food plots !

It’s gotta be about every 10 minutes we hear there’s a new plot seed that’s going to change the world. By now we know it’s mostly marketing and BS about the same old stuff. Not this time and I’ve proven it myself so read on and find out why you want to give radishes a chance in your plots….. Continue reading

THE hidden benefit to late season food plots



I’ve spent many winters feeding deer (when it was legal) in my yard and then feeding them with cold weather plots. One thing I learned that isn’t talked about much is the long term benefits for the herd AND for your hunting. Bare with me on this and I’ll explain in detail why you should be doing this and for the long haul. This works ,so do it ! Continue reading