New direction for Knowlandny

It’s been a while since I last posted here , the reasons are irrelevant I suppose. The fact is life changes and with that priorities change. I’m going to get back to writing and have a little more fun while doing so.

In the past I’ve written about my experiences in the land business and many topics related to it. Along the way I wrote about hunting , food plots and whatever I ran into while spending time in the woods. Life has been pretty good to me and these days I spend more time screwing around hunting ,working on my land, golfing, spending time with my sons and having fun with my wife. I’m  fortunate to be able to spend my time doing these things as opposed to spending too much time working.

My plan from now on is to continue to write about my experiences in the woods and what I’m learning about growing food for Whitetails. Doubtless I will dive in to the “hunting business” and offend as many people as possible. Someone has to speak the truth and I’m more than willing to do it.DSC00244.JPG In addition I’ll be writing about the land business when the mood strikes me , especially when it’s a topic that pisses me off and costs people money. We’re talking about lawyers who like to justify their existence and sellers who have an honesty deficit. If you need to be aware , I’ll be writing about it. Once in a while I’m going to write about products I use, just to let you know if they work or are a waste of money. No one is paying to do it so I an be honest and tell you the truth as I know it. The thought of anyone paying me for an opinion is beyond even my imagination so don’t worry about me “selling ” for someone else. Being honest is much more fun not to mention the freedom is priceless.

So let’s hope the topics ahead are somewhat interesting and worth our time. I need to thank all of you who continue to come here and spend your time reading something I wrote. I’m still shocked at the amount of traffic this little site gets especially when I’m not even writing.  None of my friends even know I have a blog , they would never believe people actually read what I write !  Thank you and I hope you hang around for whatever lies ahead.   mj


2 thoughts on “New direction for Knowlandny

  1. Glad to hear from you Mick. l always appreciate your perspectives on buying Upstate recreational property.
    Ron Simpson
    Oak Ridge, NC

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