About what ? About time , that’s what ! If you’ve spent any time looking to buy recreational land in NY ,or anywhere for that matter , you know there’s a lot of questions and few places to get answers. You’ll get them here. My name is Mick Jones and I own the Moose River Land Co. here in the beautiful North Country of NYS. I’ve spent my entire life here enjoying all the Adirondacks and Tug Hill area have to offer. At the age of 14 I began hunting whitetails in the Adirondacks (against the law because I was too young!) , fishing the trout streams and ponds all over the place. Along the way I  have done pretty much everything you can do up here 12 months a year. Cross country skiing included but that was a mistake from years ago I vowed never to repeat ! Anyway , life has been good to me and the outdoors is a big part of the reason. While growing up I was fortunate enough to have the best grandparents in the world who happened to live in the Adirondacks. My early years were spent at “camp” learning how to get around the woods , finding whatever lived there and talking about it that night around the campfire. Later on Gramp taught me how to drink a beer or 2 , where to find Brook Trout and Gram taught me how to cook them. It was a helluva long time ago but I remember it all well. Over the years I’ve met hundreds of people  through my business who wanted to give their kids and grand kids the same opportunity I had. THAT alone has kept me in this business and wanting to meet more folks who share the same interests. Times change but these opportunities are as plentiful as ever up here. I can help you find them and hopefully make it a little easier , maybe even more enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by , I look forward to hearing from all of you.  MJ


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