I’m as guilty as anyone for saying you can’t lose money buying land. Although it’s mostly true , like anything else out there you can lose money if you make these mistakes. I’m going to point out what you cannot overlook when buying land or you will be one of the dopes who found a way to lose money buying land. Let’s go….. Continue reading

5 keys to selling your land

If you have land you want to sell I’m going to cover the 5 most important details you MUST address before you hang a sign on the place. If you’re a buyer there’s plenty here for you to learn so read on and take note …..


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As the saying goes , “it was inevitable”.  So what does the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have in store for us ? Plenty it seems so let’s dig in and see what’s going to happen to deer hunting in NY…..

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1 of my hidden foodplots

Small food plots are probably more common than any plots that are planted today. Everyone wants to plant but many have very little room to do so or don’t have equipment available to accomplish anything bigger than 1/2 acre or so. Not to worry because when done right small plots are as effective as any big plot and a helluva lot of fun to plant and hunt. Smaller plots need some different considerations when planting so let’s cover a few that I promise will help you out.

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5 Ways to make money off your land


Ok so you took the plunge and bought that piece of land you’ve always dreamed of. One problem , she isn’t happy about the taxes , upkeep etc. so you need to do something and make a little money off your dirt to keep the peace. So what can you do and how do you do it ? Several proven ideas right here so let’s talk about them…..

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Land management , what is it ?

Seems like the outdoorsman can’t pick up a magazine or watch an outdoors show without hearing someone talk about land management. So what exactly is it , how do you do it and what is the object ? We’ll discuss that right here so let’s dig in ….

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Buy land thru a broker or from a Land Co. ?

This is an easy one for me but most likely isn’t for the average person who wants to buy land in New York. Since I own a land company in NY and I’m a NYS licensed Real Estate Broker I can give you the view from both sides , believe me it matters. The differences in the buying experience are significant so let’s take a look ….

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NYSAFE Act …. let’s get this discussion over with !


I have to write about this for a lot of reasons but the #1 reason is the big mouths all over Facebook and other places who know nothing about this law but think they know it all. Many see this blog from my FB page which I certainly appreciate , I appreciate the comments also. What I’m tired of is the people who are on my FB page and every other FB page who want to sound like experts but don’t know anything about the subject. My competitors are I are beyond sick of the ignorance so I’m going to have this discussion and get it over with. Evidently no one else is foolish enough to do it , but I am so let’s go …

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NYS campgrounds / parks , it’s what we do best !

I’ve been here in NYS my whole life so it’s safe to say I’ve seen some good , some bad and little bit ugly along the way. The good is much more fun to concentrate on so I’m going to do that today. We’re talking about the best state park system in America  and it’s right here.

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Leasing vs. Buying Land

Over the years I’ve done a lot of both , in fact I still do. I’ve had some real good experiences and some not so good ones but this is a different world today no matter if you lease or buy. I figured I would write about what I believe you need to consider before you decide where to spend your time and money. The time is as important as the money because it can be quite an exercise and you can waste a lot of it. Let’s dig in …..

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