I’m as guilty as anyone for saying you can’t lose money buying land. Although it’s mostly true , like anything else out there you can lose money if you make these mistakes. I’m going to point out what you cannot overlook when buying land or you will be one of the dopes who found a way to lose money buying land. Let’s go….. Continue reading

NY Northern Tier or Southern Tier for land buyers ?

Many of you know NY is commonly identified by either the Northern Tier or Southern Tier. These 2 distinct regions are as different as can be. So how does the NY land buyer decide where they will be looking for land ? There’s a lot to consider and it goes way beyond “how far is the drive”. I’m going to dive into this a little and stir the pot while I’m at it. Over the years I’ve had a ton of experience buying & selling land in both regions so I’ll share my opinions. Let’s get at it … Continue reading