Is hunting land a good investment?

This topic could be argued any way and every way with all sides making good points. Still , we have to ask ourselves ” is this really a good place to spend my money?”. Having done this many times I can tell you there’s a lot to consider before you hand over your hard earned dollars. I’ve researched this topic and have yet to find an objective opinion about this and why you need to think twice before you write that check. It isn’t all Boone & Crockett bucks and picturesque food plots so buckle up. Continue reading

5 ways to avoid getting ripped off buying land

There’s more than 5 but I’m going to hit on these ones because I buy a lot of land and have seen these situations more than a few times. This especially applies to folks from out of town/out of state who travel up here to buy land. It’s much more difficult to cover all the bases without representation i.e. a Broker, lawyer etc. If you’re buying from my company , the Moose River Land Co. , you will not have to worry about any of this. If you’re out there on your own then you must know and avoid these 5. Continue reading