Is hunting land a good investment?

This topic could be argued any way and every way with all sides making good points. Still , we have to ask ourselves ” is this really a good place to spend my money?”. Having done this many times I can tell you there’s a lot to consider before you hand over your hard earned dollars. I’ve researched this topic and have yet to find an objective opinion about this and why you need to think twice before you write that check. It isn’t all Boone & Crockett bucks and picturesque food plots so buckle up. Continue reading



¬†If there’s one land related topic more misunderstood than this one please let me know. Everyone has some kind of definition of being “landlocked” and most are not even close to reality. So what is it? How can I avoid it? What if I find out I’m landlocked? all kinds of questions so let’s cover it ……. Continue reading

5 Ways to make money off your land


Ok so you took the plunge and bought that piece of land you’ve always dreamed of. One problem , she isn’t happy about the taxes , upkeep etc. so you need to do something and make a little money off your dirt to keep the peace. So what can you do and how do you do it ? Several proven ideas right here so let’s talk about them…..

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New York Land as an investment

Ok ,I’ve gotta be careful here because I’m not licensed to give anyone investment advice. When it comes to opinions however , I hold the highest license in the land ! Alright I’ll be serious because where you put your money is important and feeling safe about where it is keeps a person sane. I just want to point out the simplicity and benefits of land ownership when it comes to your investment. Let’s get at it ….

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Property values inside the Adirondack Park vs. outside the Park

Having spent years buying and selling land in and out of the Adirondack Park I’m sure I can give you a little insight about property values and stability of investment. For comparative purposes we’re looking at property outside of the Park being¬†the Tug Hill area , St Lawrence River region etc. I’m not talking about the southern tier because there is no comparison between the 2.

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Leasing vs. Buying Land

Over the years I’ve done a lot of both , in fact I still do. I’ve had some real good experiences and some not so good ones but this is a different world today no matter if you lease or buy. I figured I would write about what I believe you need to consider before you decide where to spend your time and money. The time is as important as the money because it can be quite an exercise and you can waste a lot of it. Let’s dig in …..

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Ok so what’s this all about ? It’s about making this easier for you to buy land in NY and to save you some time and headaches. What could be wrong with that ? Nothing , so how does this work ? I’ll explain right here how quick and easy it is ..

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MUST “knows” when buying land with friends

It’s pretty much every week I’m talking with another person who’s looking for land for himself and his partners. That person is YOU. Why the bold letters? Because YOU are here reading this , not your partners. I’m going to educate YOU about what is going to happen and more important what ISN’T going to happen. If YOU want to save time and headaches , keep reading. After hundreds of dealings with people just like YOU I can promise I’m telling YOU what YOU have to know. Let’s go ….

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5 Ways to Finance Land !

Ok so you’re ready to get serious and try to figure out how you’re going to buy some land. So what are the options you have to pay for it? There’s more than you think there are and they’re better options than you probably thought. Let’s get at it …

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