What to do when food plots fail

So it hasn’t happened to you ……… yet. If you’re a food plot farmer you’ve either experienced failure or you’re going to, no 2 ways about it. So what do we do? It’s not the end of the world and there’s ALWAYS something you can do to get something growing and not lose all before hunting season. I’ll give you some ideas many of us have used when we failed the 1st go around. Continue reading

5 keys to selling your land

If you have land you want to sell I’m going to cover the 5 most important details you MUST address before you hang a sign on the place. If you’re a buyer there’s plenty here for you to learn so read on and take note …..


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1 of my hidden foodplots

Small food plots are probably more common than any plots that are planted today. Everyone wants to plant but many have very little room to do so or don’t have equipment available to accomplish anything bigger than 1/2 acre or so. Not to worry because when done right small plots are as effective as any big plot and a helluva lot of fun to plant and hunt. Smaller plots need some different considerations when planting so let’s cover a few that I promise will help you out.

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Land management , what is it ?

Seems like the outdoorsman can’t pick up a magazine or watch an outdoors show without hearing someone talk about land management. So what exactly is it , how do you do it and what is the object ? We’ll discuss that right here so let’s dig in ….

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Lots of NY Food Plot info on the way !

It’s certainly no secret many of you have a great interest in managing land ( hopefully YOUR land) and a thirst for food plot info. My uneducated, unsolicited experiences and opinions about plots will be available right here on a regular basis. I know , you can hardly contain your enthusiasm ! Continue reading